About Us

Mason's Industrial designs innovative trade-ready outerwear, which combines weather protection technology with workwear. Using natural fibres, traditional styles and M1 Weather Tech™, we provide durable, water repellent and 100% breathable workwear. Work light, stay dry. 

Our process combines regular workwear and our M1 Weather Tech™ treatment to create innovative, dependable workwear that keeps you dry longer. Unlike conventional outerwear which doesn't breathe, Mason's Industrial Wear uses cotton which allows perspiration to flow freely, while repelling water away. The M1 Weather Tech™ process is applied to the entire garment, making sure no stitch is left unsealed. 

Mason's Industrial Wear provides practical and dependable outerwear using the traditional cotton workwear you are accustomed to. Move freely and stay light in M1 Weather Tech treated apparel. Ignore the weatherman and tackle nasty conditions in your Mason's Industrial Workwear. 

Respecting tradition while we build our own.