What is M1 Weather Tech™?

M1 Weather Tech™ is a safe process that provides a protective layer on each treated garment, which repels water and still maintains the natural comfort of the material treated. The M1 Weather Tech™ treatment offers improved performance compared to Durable Water Repellent (DWR) by maintaining excellent repellency throughout the life of the garment and does not inhibit its natural ability to breathe.

Maintains Breathability  

Many water repellent treatments inhibit a fabrics ability to breathe and transfer sweat vapour effectively. Our treatment does not effect the natural ability of cotton fabrics to breathe and keep you cool. Although it repels liquids, the treatment process still allows vapour to pass through the fabric where it can permeate into the environment, which keeps you dry. 

How We Do It

Unlike other outerwear companies who use synthetics to treat uncut fabric, we apply the M1 Weather Tech™ treatment to the finished garment. This way, every stitch, fold and pocket is treated and protected. Unlike other outerwear companies, we do not use DWR. The M1 Weather Tech™ treatment process is applied to each garment where it is cured at a precise temperature for a specific amount of time to ensure the treatment remains permanent and durable over its lifetime. Our process takes longer and is more labour-intensive than typical DWR processes because we want our workwear to outperform traditional synthetic outerwear. 

Created The New Traditional 

Typical DWR finishes only last for a few days. Due to DWR's temporary nature, a decrease in product performance is immediately noticeable. M1 Weather Tech™ works more effectively over the life of the garment to maintain a high level of repellency and product performance, keeping you dry and comfortable. Ignore the weatherman and tackle nasty conditions in your Mason's Industrial Workwear.